September 24, 2020 2 min read

There’s nothing better than stepping out of the house knowing you look fabulous and that you achieved the look yourself.

DAVROE Hair styling products are an important part of your hairstyle and can make the difference between your hair style lasting all day and night!

While creating a signature look can take time, it’s well worth the effort and can easily be achieved with the help of the amazing range of products from DAVROE today.


Davroe Styling Range

Davroe Body Volume Texture

Davroe Body Volume Textureis your go to for that instant blowout with maximum body and temperature. A liquid to foam volumiser adds body, volume and texture to all hair types. The lightweight foam gives hair more movement and fullness, whilst maintaining softness and touchability. Our tip: Not going to blowdry your hair? Scrunch some BVT through while your hair is still damp for effortless texture! Our

Davroe Formation

Davroe Formation is a unique conditioning styler for medium hold, definition and control. Formulated with Grapeseed and Olive Leaf extract it has a conditioning formula that wont dry hair and adds natural shine. Our tip: Formation is most effective with heat styling, but it is also a protectant lotion that’ll keep your hair and colour safe from heat!

Davroe Voluminous Spray

Davroe Voluminous Spray instantly creates maximum volume for all hair types by pumping up the volume so hair looks fuller and feels thicker. Can be used from root to tip for a lightweight, long-lasting, natural hold. Our tip: Hair looking a little flat and don’t want to back comb your roots? Spray volume spray directly onto the underside of your hair and massage in with finger tips for an instant lift!

Davroe Murray River Spray

Create beachy waves with Davroe Murray River Salt Spray while adding texture to all hair types. Our Salt Spray utilises Kangaroo Apple extracts to stop your hair from drying out while bringing out natural body and enhancing curls for effortless windswept hair. Our tip: If you want your beachy waves to look more natural allow hair to air dry rather than applying any heat!

Davroe Cloud Texture Powder

Davroe Cloud Texture Powder is our newest kid on the block! It’s a weightless styling powder that adds volume and texture to your hair with a matte finish. Cloud can be layered to build body with ease and is suitable for all hair types. Our tip: If your hair is really heavy you can reapply cloud throughout the day, it’s build able but wont congest your hair follicles!


Our styling collection is gentle on skin and has been designed with your wellbeing in mind.

The collection offers three defining factor groups:
Refine to help smooth, build to assist with volume and definition to help define your hair. All without product build up.


Davroe Styling Range