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September 10, 2020 2 min read

Want to really enhance your hairstyle? It's no secret that DAVROE prides itself on our range offering an answer for all hair types and styles.

DAVROE Waxes are not just for Male hairstyles and can be used to create versatile finishes when you need that something to complete your look and let's not forget they smell fantastic.

The DAVROE Styling range has traditional wax and styling creams that offer a level of hold or shaping no matter what hair type you have.

As with the rest of the DAVROE range, these waxes and creams are vegan, formulated with gentle ingredients and are designed to not build up in the hair.

If you haven’t tried our detail styling range do yourself a favour and get yours today.

We’ve created a collection that’s designed to help you really detail your style!

Davroe Styling

Use Texture Clay to add fullness and texture to medium length hair. Texture Clay harnesses blackwood wattle to help strengthen and repair the hair while providing stronghold. The perfect product for piecing and creating a natural look with a matte finish.

Davroe Fibre Creme
Fibre Creme shapes, twists and manipulates hair into any style! It’s an ultra-creative fibrous putty that provides a firm yet pliable hold with a great shine. Our Fibre Creme is perfect for a natural and clean finish.

Davroe Defining PasteOur Defining Paste is your go-to for added texture or definition, containing coffee beans to stimulate repair and add sheen to your hair. It’s perfect for medium to thick hair and gives a pliable medium to stronghold.
Davroe Matte Pomade

The newest kid on our block is Matte Pomade, contains willow bark to aid in strengthening and repairing the hair. It’s the perfect product for a timeless, polished look and leaves the hair with a matte to low sheen.


Davroe Curl Creme DefinerCurl Creme is a lightweight styling crème enhancing curl definition for luscious locks. Created with pure sunflower oil and plant extracts including Australian native Lilly Pilly it reduces frizz, smoothes unruly hair and adds shine. Fortifying quinoa proteins help condition the hair to deliver soft manageable curls.

Davroe Construct GelConstruct is a flexible, strong hold gel for gravity-defying hair! It’s a pliable styling hair gel, perfect for spiking, texturing and any style that demands a strong, long-lasting hold. Construct doesn’t build up in the hair and rinses out easily.

Davroe Ultimatum

For a non-aerosol hairspray, Ultimatum does it all! It’s a long-lasting, quick-drying, strong hold finishing spray that provides maximum hold to any style. Ultimatum contains both UV and heat protectant to guard against colour loss and prevent thermal styling damage.

Davroe Complete Hairspray Complete is our high performance, strong hold hairspray, it’s versatile enough to use as either a working or finishing spray. It contains bamboo extract for strength and vitality and provides long-lasting maximum hold while giving a soft look to any style. The quick-drying formula protects the hair’s natural moisture balance and adds natural shine.